This book is a must for anyone looking for top performing suburbs to invest in right now. By Australia's Top Buyer's Agents.

With so much media attention on where to invest, it is hard to know what to listen to and what to ignore. Are you looking for someone to cut through the clutter and give you good quality information straight from the experts?

You want information that you can use to make some important property investment decisions. We gathered AUSTRALIA’S 5 TOP BUYERS AGENTS and asked where they are investing right now for their clients.

They let us in on the TOP PERFORMING SUBURBS TO INVEST IN RIGHT NOW. And we have compiled it into a FREE E-BOOK for you, right here.

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“Just settled a property with Aussie Parramatta as my finance specialists and I can say that it was a pleasure working with the team. They are very thorough, keep you up to date every step of the way and always willing to help out the best they can! You guys have earned the 5 stars and more! Thank you for all your help!”

Brad Croston

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Scott Lequesne

“Australian Property Educators (APE) can help to alleviate the pressure and stress of owning a property portfolio in top performing suburbs, by guiding you on how to do it."  

— Scott Le Quesne